The Mission

SHOSHAN FOUNDATION -  Repairing the Breach’ between peoples of faith - through better understanding of God’s Eternal covenants with and promises to

the Jewish people, and how God purposed them to be shared.   

Purposefully Accomplishing the Mission


 SHOSHAN FOUNDATION - Building understanding and respect among peoples of faith in accordance with God's original plan for unity. Repairing is only possible through the exploration and restoration of His Word:

the Tanack - Torah, Prophets and Psalms.


  • Using Education and the Arts to promote dialogue.


  • Making available Biblically based programs, Spiritually fit teachers; and producing excellent issue-related movies, videos and documentaries.

 The Visionaries!

Founder and Chairwoman of Board

Mary Adriano

     Currently, Mary serves as Chairwoman of the Board of  SHOSHAN FOUNDATION,  a 501-c3 nonprofit public entity, which she and her husband, Jerry, co-founded in 2014, for the express purpose of helping "REPAIR THE BREACH"  between the Peoples of Faith, through  educational opportunities and through the production of inspirational films, videos, and documentaries, and facilitate discussion as an extension of them.


    During the fifty plus years of marriage to Jerry and the birth of 5 children -  necessity, invention and curiosity produced start up businesses;  A Painting and Wallpapering business - Sole Proprietorship - whose 30 year existance fit nicely around the schedules of her young offspring;  LILY PUBLICATIONS - a book publishing Partnership with friend and Spiritual Mentor, Mary Bruno, which pushed out and marketed their novel, Among The Lilies, as well  as publishing  inspirational books for others, until family health issues necessitated its closing;  SHOSHAN PRODUCTIONS LLC  -  a film production company which created promotional videos featuring her two screenplays: RABBI SAUL - The Road From Damascus; and AMONG THE LILIES; and  153 FISH educational video for SHOSHAN FOUNDATION - a 501 (c3) non-profit, which is currently building education programs and videos.   


       Writing classes at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, and a stint as a regional reporter for the St. Joseph Examiner newspaper, honed the skills necessary for the novel and an unexpected voyage into screenwriting.  Filmmaking skills were acquired at the week-long  Erwin Brothers Film School in Birmingham, Alabama, (October BabyMom's Night Out and I Can Only Imagine) which offered an overview of all aspects of filmmaking and hands-on crewing for Life After, their series on the Halogen Network. 

       In 2009,  Mary became a member of Kansas City Women in Film and Television (KCWIFT) -  5 of those years serving on the Board of Directors, while volunteering in other filmmaker capacities:  Associate Producer - HIGH BID; an extra on LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE; craft services and pre-production for a grant funded KCWIFT documentary for GLOW  (Girls Leading Our World); and Co-producer, Co-editor of BUILD IT ANYWAY - a short history of  KCWIFT.     

The Board of Directors


Sarah Yelton

Sarah branched out from her original training as a registered nurse to acquire: a Lean/Six Sigma green belt;  certifications in both healthcare quality process improvement (CPHQ) and healthcare regulatory accreditation (HACP);  skills in quality improvement, strategic planning, facilitation, mediation, and regulatory compliance; and received training in structuring highly functioning not-for-profit boards at the University of Missouri Kansas City Bloch School of Business.

    All of the above has been the backbone of her contributions to jobs with not-for-profit organizations in leadership and administrative capacities since 1997.  Currently, she works as a Quality Resource Analyst at Saint Luke's Hospital.

   Sarah has published articles and is a contributing author for a well-known healthcare quality text. 

       As the Board President of Shoshan Foundation, Sarah’s spiritual journey brings a unique contribution to the Foundation’s mission of “repairing the breach” in Jewish Christian relations. At age twelve, although a Christian in a Baptist congregation, Sarah celebrated her first Passover, after telling her mother, “Jesus was Jewish and He would have done that.” By 1989 she began learning Hebrew and attended Shabbat at a Messianic Synagogue for several years alongside her Baptist church attendance.

     Celebrating the Biblical Hebrew feasts  throughout the year with her husband of nearly 4 decades, Phillip, is a joy.  Not only does Sarah make great challah bread and matzo ball soup, she loves music and plays the pedal harp. 

    A little jar of dirt was a particularly meaningful souvenir from her 2002 trip of a lifetime to the land of Israel.

David Buesing TREASURER

David Buesing

      Dave grew up on a farm in Minnesota. His first two college years were spent at St. John’s University of Collegeville, Minnesota, after which he transferred to the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis, to earn a degree in Civil Engineering.

    Dave's first job in Engineering was in Indiana with Amoco Oil Co.  After four years Dave moved back to  Minnesota, as a design engineer for Wells Concrete Products - a company which manufactured and erected precast/prestressed concrete for commercial and industrial buildings. 

    Within the next nine years, Dave was promoted to President and General Manager of the company, where he was able to utilize his understanding of business operation, finance, accounting and investing.

    He retired from Wells Concrete in 2007, having lead the company in steady growth, financial stability and the aquisition of additional concrete manufacturing plants in the upper Midwest. Dave continues on the Board of Directors of Wells Concrete and on the Board of Wells Financial Corporation, a publically traded bank holding company headquartered in Wells, Minnesota. 

    Dave credits his faith and convictions to his upbringing and schooling; his wife Lil whose devotion to scripture and prayer inspires many; his mother who had a strong enduring faith in God’s perfect plan for each of us and a passion for justice for those less fortunate; his extended family; and a close colleague and mentor in his work. Dave approaches Church teachings and Scripture from a conservative viewpoint and would look first to the Gospels for answers as to how we should live.


Lil Buesing

 Lil brings gifts of great discernment, a can do attitude, and a  practical approach to accomplishing tasks. 

     Lil has a very generous heart and has contributed greatly to many community service organiztions, and those in need!

    The favorite part of the day is the time she spends reading the Scriptures.


  Lil Buesing also serves on the Board as a Representitive of Shoshan Productions, who currently holds the rights to the Screenplays which will be the first movie projects produced out of the Shoshan Foundation.   



Diana Alpural

Diana brings a very unique prospective to the Board of Directors, which dovetails easily with our vision statement. 

Diana's husband of two decades is of Turkish descent. They resided in Turkey for 11 years with their 2 daughters, while dedicated to providing Biblical understanding to the Turkish people.After moving to the Kansas City, Missouri area, they found themselves unexpectedly presented with many opportunities for ministry to the Muslim population who originated in Turkey.

 Diana has a great love for God and an insatiable curiosity to know more of Him and researches many other topics of interest. 





Sales, Marketing, Finance

Jerry Adriano Jr

Fortified with a B. A. in History  from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut' Jerry began a 20 year history of employment at Sprint during which he achieved an MBA from Columbia  in New York.

     Finance - Sales, Marketing and Operations enabled him, as an executive at Sprint, to transform their customer to industry- leading customer experience metrics. 

Presently, Jerry is Executive Vice President of SATMAP Inc, a data analytics company based in Washington D.C. - where his responsibility centers on Marketing, Sales and Business Development.


Former President of the Board

Rebecca Brooks

     With B.A degrees in psychology and criminology and Masters studies in organizational development, Rebecca Brooks career evolved into executive positions in 'for profit' companies: PacifiCare Health Systems -10 Billion HMO; and First American Corporation - 7 Billion Information Systems.  Her ten-year non - profit experience was with World Vision U.S.A. - an International Relief and Development Corporation.  

  Her passion is projects with people committed to creating environments where differences are accepted and there is passion for the transformative healing of collaboration in the midst of conflict and growth. 





Stuart Klamen

Stuart's career path has been in Education:  Adminstration, and Teaching, both in Jewish Day Schools; and public schools as well as a weekly class at Bais Abraham Congregation. He was formerly Executive Director of Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol congregation.


     Stuart first heard of Christian Zionists while attending a class at The Begin Center in Jerusalem.  

    During the war in Gaza (2014) Stuart volunteered at the Jewish Federation of St. Louis to work on pro Israel activities. His Christian friends were tremendously supportive, bringing the realization that the relationship between Christian and Jews had to be advanced and that was the birth of the Bergson Group.

There is nothing more important in my life right now than helping to advance this relationship.”

    Stuart is a member of Christians United for Israel (CUFI). has spoken on behalf of the Bergson Group at several locations including St. Louis U.

SHOSHAN -  Hebrew for 

               lily,  a flower or architectural    ornament,

 a trumpet;  to be bright, cheerful, rejoice


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