On April 21, 1993, while standing in the Tomb of the Prophets in the Kidron Valley on the Eastern edge of the Old City of Jerusalem - I had a Spiritual experience which was so profound, it changed the trajectory of my life.

       What was I to do with this mind, soul, spirit and body infusion of new understanding, which didn’t exactly fit my past or current theology?

       I felt a bit like Saul/Paul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus getting his theology upended.  Like Saul, I had to step back and look at everything I had been taught, or thought was irrevocably true, through an entirely new lens of understanding:


  •     God has an inextricable relationship with His Land, His Holy City, His Holy Hill, and the Jewish people - and He will always work through them for the good of the rest of mankind; 
  •     the utter Jewishness of Yeshua/Jesus; 
  •     I was a daughter of Abraham and I must start in Genesis to understand more fully God’s plans and purposes and the eternal relevance of the Biblical Hebrew roots in our Spiritual life;
  •      to support God’s promises for the future of the land of Israel and the Jewish people;
  •     to go forth with the above message.


      Conversely, Saul of Tarsus, a Jewish scholar, received a profound understanding of Yeshua of Nazareth as the long awaited Jewish Messiah; and of God’s heart to bring the Gentiles/Nations into the promises and covenants of Israel, making us all - ONE NEW MAN.  He was to go forth with that message. 


     At the time of my Kidron Valley experience, I had  no room in my reading for the likes of Saul/Paul, whom I perceived to have very confusing messages about the “law” from Letter to Letter.

     Imagine my surprise, to realize that Saul/Paul’s experiences while “taking the message” had often run parallel with mine: opposition from all sides;  persecution (mine was not suffered in the body, but property - graffitied with anti-Semitic symbols and slogans); while also showered with incredible blessings and revelations, while walking ‘no man’s land’ between peoples of faith. 

     Imagine my further surprise to be entrusted with writing a movie screenplay about Saul/Paul and in the process coming to appreciate and understand him! 


     Now that the screenplay on Saul/Paul is in position to be produced through the Shoshan Foundation,  I feel both his and my messages have been melded into one through this movie, which has the potential to impact in a positive and life giving way, the differences between Jewish and Christian peoples - Repairing the Breach -through His Torah/Tanach!

     Won’t you join with us in bringing the message! 


Mary Adriano



SHOSHAN -  Hebrew for 

               lily,  a flower or architectural    ornament,

 a trumpet;  to be bright, cheerful, rejoice


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